In Maths and for writing we are learning about explanations and direction and distance. 
Today we tried to give directions to the girls and boys toilets from the tables in our classroom. We failed, the boys finished in the classroom and the girls finished at the doorway. 
We would try it differently next time, by taking more turns. And we missed out parts because we started in the wrong place. We could also walk and write while we do the walking. Or we could look at a map or draw a map.
Our class put water on the plants. We were watering and planting strawberries and flowers and pumpkins with room 2. we did planting because it was conservation week. We are going to eat them when they are ready. Or we are going to make jam with the strawberries. We worked very hard on it. We found worms and spiders. We watered the plants in the little garden. We used cups and buckets to water the strawberry plants.  We watered at the park. We were digging the dirt to make a hole, to put the plants in.

 Today we are going for a walk because outside exploration is written on the board. S stood in the mud when we were going for a walk ages ago. Today we did writing with the new girls. When we were walking I was shouting that my shoes and socks were wet. Miss WD said  "I don't care!!!!!!!!!! It will dry."  On Thursday we finished off our healthy lunch machine. T played with the new girls.

This week we were writing a description about carrots. We were thinking about describing words. Nan is giving us lolly pops because we worked hard at writing. We were making interesting sentences about carrots. We were adding more information, using describing words. F still is not using capital letters!!!!!!!!  This week some new people came in our class from room 3. We were doing handwriting writing and reading , and milk time.
Today Noah came into our class and joined in with us while we made an origami tree. We are getting very good at making origami trees and houses and made a town with them.
Then Noah showed us how to write a cinquian poem. We wrote a poem together about the swimming pool.
Here it is

swimming pool      togs   goggles    swimming  diving   changing Drying my hair because it’s wet.
swimming pool
We unpacked our bag. In the morning opened our tote tray and took out our costumes. We put our costumes on. We put our shoes on. Our classroom went to assembly. When we got to the assembly we sat down on the mat. Then sang some songs. After that we danced to the songs. The next thing we did we started to do our spelling. The bell rang so we got our lunch boxes. Miss held the the big book, the Ginger Bread man. We drew the people, the trees, the GBM and the wolf.  We were doing maths .We had a square piece of paper. Then M started us off. We made paper homes.

Yesterday the school participated in Cook Island activities we went to the hall. We saw a man coming in to teach us to sing. The man was singing we sang too. Turou showed us how to dance. We did a competition with the boys. We laid down. Then we went to class.